• Rules last updated March 2016
  • No changes for the 2018 season
  • The Serve

    • The Service can be done anywhere behind the back line.  Your foot cannot touch or go past (under or over) the line while serving.
    • The ball can touch the net.
    • As soon the ball is thrown up in the air for the service, it is considered a service even if the player lets it fall on the ground.

    Serve Reception

    • Must be taken cleanly.  No double touch or lift is allowed. No volleys allowed on serve reception.
    • If receiving players cannot see server, you can ask the opponent to move so your view is not obstructed.


    • If done with a volley: cannot be a double touch, but players are allowed to hold the ball longer for better control.
    • If the set goes over the net and the volley was clean, it’s good.
    • If the player’s intention is to volley the ball over the net, the player must be square to the direction he is sending the ball.  (forward or backward)


    • Open hand tips are not allowed. 
    • When hitting, contact with ball must be “crisp”. 
    • Roll shots are ok.


    • The block counts as a hit, the team only has two more hits before they must send it over.
    • The blocking player can block the ball and then pop it up but this counts as two hits.

    Teams First contact

    • Unless when in defensive action of a hard driven ball, the first contact cannot be a lift or double touch (no volleys on the first contact). When contacting the ball overhand, both hands must be touching or this is considered a double touch.


    • If the ball touches the line, it is in.
    • When two opponents touch the ball simultaneously over the net and the ball remains in play, the team receiving the ball is entitled to another three hits. If such a ball goes "out", it is the fault of the team on the opposite side.
    • Contact with the net by a player between the antennae during the action of playing the ball (attacking/blocking) is a fault.
    • A player may enter into the opponent’s space, court and/or free zone, provided that this does not interfere with the opponent’s play.
    • Teams usually switch sides every 7 points.  (ie: 2-5, 8-13, 21-21…)

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